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Welcome to Casino365.TV, your best resource for live casinos across the internet, but let us first look what live casinos actually are. In a live casino, there are no machines running the business. Instead of them, we have human dealers running the game in real time from a classic casino table which you as a customer see through a live streaming link. The player (so in these case you) can place his bets through a console that is displayer on your monitor, but you can also communicate with the dealer through a chat.

Live Casino Reviews

The technique that is used here is called OCR, where software can recognize cards or numbers and transfer them into data to deal out your winnings or collect your losses. This technology is essential for the live dealer game on the internet, because she is the communication point between the software and the real game.

An important point about the live casino is the high costs that the companies have to run this business and this of course includes a real person playing and also all the technical setup for a live stream. The setup is not as big as a full casino, BUT you still have croupiers, at least one or two camera responsible people and of course also a pit boss in case something goes wrong and there is a dispute to be solved. These enormous costs are the main reason why most of the online casinos only offer several games or why they buy in into an existing software/network provider so they can share the costs with other online casinos.

Still, some of the big online casino companies prefer to run their own business, but we see a trend of them then becoming a reseller of their own product. There are not known issues or scandals known around live casino games. Still, the best way to handle this is to play with established casinos. This is the exact reason why we created this site, to show you good and solid live casino where you can focus on your entertainment!