The two most basic types of Blackjack

American Blackjack

Is a type of Blackjack game that has its rules changing but this is dependent on where the player is playing. That is different casinos have different rules concerning this game. For example a player playing in Atlantic City casino may find these rules being different to those in the Las Vegas casino. This means that a player is supposed to know these rules before getting engaged in any real money betting. Here is what a player may expect when it comes to specific casinos.

In Las Vegas for instance, most of these rules fall under the Vegas strip Blackjack Rules. These rules are stipulated in this way.

  • 4 punch of cards are used in Vegas Strip Blackjack
  • 10s, Faces and the aces are peeked by the dealer
  • Two cards can be guaranteed double down
  • After splitting double down is allowed to gamers
  • Gamers have the chance of triple splitting hence making it 4 hands
  • Aces are only split once only
  • Spit Aces allows players to hit only once
  • Blackjack is not counted by a split ace of 21
  • Value cards can be split unlike the tens

All rules in Las Vegas are used in Atlantic City casino apart from some rules. These exemption rules include:

  • 8 punch of cards is used in Atlantic City
  • Late surrender is allowed

For the new players, familiarization can be done on the free online casino. Americans are though curtailed by the new rules in that it has now become so hard to have a casino that is allowing real money betting for them. Nevertheless there are casinos where playing for fun or for real money is given to Americans.

European Blackjack

This game has seen its popularity grow mostly in Europe in live casinos as well as web Casinos. As it is in other Blackjacks a player is up against a dealer and 21 points makes him the winner. As usual 10 points are awarded to the 10s as well as the face cards whereas 1 or 11 points are awarded to the Aces. The same case applies to cards with numbers in that they possess the points on their faces. The following rules define European Blackjack:

  • It is a game of 2 decks
  • At the value of 21 for a player, the dealer wins
  • The game is termed as a Push if the dealer and the player possesses the Blackjack
  • In this case the dealer usually stands on soft 17
  • The dealer is not allowed to make any peek for Blackjack
  • Players are only allowed to double down only if the hands have 9, 10 or 11 points
  • Splitting for players is only allowed once
  • Only ten value cards e.g. K-K not 10-Q can split
  • Payment of blackjack is in 3:2

For the new gamers of the European Blackjack acquiring the skills can be done on free online gaming. After this real money betting can be done in the live European Casinos or online playing.

Blackjack Rules

The well popular blackjack played across the globe through online or live casino brings the following rules to the player.

This card game is played directly between the player and the dealer despite the presence of some other gamers around the playing table. There are a total of 21 cards that should not be broke down for this may lead to loss. A player is required to get a card which has the highest value than the card possessed by the dealer.

For a player to win in blackjack, all that matters is the value possessed. This is determined by the value each card possesses. For instant 4 points are entitled to the 4 of Spades, the Aces are usually accorded 1 or 11 points. This mainly is determined by the card possessed at hard. 10 points are quarantined to the Queens, Jacks, and Kings. If a player has a Jack and Aces, his total points are 21. This brands this game “the blackjack”.

Bets are usually placed at the beginning of the game. A player can have a chance of playing with fun cash if at all he/she is playing on a free game. However, if a player is on online casino, then the player must play with real money.

The placing of the bet is followed by the distribution of two cards to the player by the dealer whereby the former also gets two cards. The two cards are placed in a manner that one faces up while the other one faces down. Depending on the dealer’s card that faces up, a player may choose the following:

  • Stay with the two cards issued, this is called “Stand”
  • Request for extra cards from the dealer, this is called ‘Hit”
  • Acquiring a single card hence replicating his bets. This is known as “Double Down”
  • If the first hand was paired, then the player may “Split” that hand into two different hands.( this rule nay be different for different casinos)

If the player is okay with the cards at hand, then the dealer discloses the prostrate card. A hit can be requested on the fact that the revealed card is entitled to 16 or less points. After the hit is when a winner can be revealed.

Blackjack Mobile

In recent days, Blackjack game supports mobile devices such as cellular phone, smart phone as well as PDA as opposed to some time back when only desktops, PCs or in live casino where blackjack was supported. This has provided the players with a room to play this game anywhere.

There is no difference for a player playing in live casinos or via mobile phones since the features are the same. The edge of the mobile phone provides a player with a platform where the use of keys are significant in that the player can place his bet, ask for a hit, split, double down, or the stand.

Mobile blackjack is accompanied by the real and free money editions. This game also gives a chance to beginners to play in free Blackjack where they can sharpen their knowledge on the game and get ready for real money betting. After being familiar with the gaming modes, a player may sign up through his mobile phone and create an account where real money betting is available. Cash deposits can be made via different methods such as bank transfer, credit cards or e-wallet accounts for betting money deposition. However, an array of games is not offered by mobile blackjack as opposed to the live/online casino.

Fun and finest moments with Mobile Blackjack

The main aim of the Blackjack game is to have more points than the dealer mostly over 21 points. This defines a player as a winner. Another instance is that a player may have low points and be defined as a winner as long as the dealer has more than 21 points. This can be acquired from the combined cards at hand of the player which is selected randomly from a heap of cards.

I have some casinos which would be your top options when looking for a platform to try out your blackjack mobile strategies. Some of these are, Jackpot City and mFortune. If you are looking for mobile blackjack casinos supported in the USA jurisdiction, we have Wild Jack Casino, Winner Casino, Slotland Casino.

Access in a Moment

Blackjack is trying to keep by the pace with developing world. This means that blackjack has made a mark in enabling it being easily accessible via mobile phones. This allows the player an opportunity to play anywhere he wishes. This has made Blackjack gain popularity among many as well as being loved by many.

Easy steps are used while playing in Blackjack. After the downloading of the game, a player goes directly to placing the bet after which he clicks “deal”. From here a player may opt to ask for a ‘hit”, or “stand” so as to get the 21 points required for a win.

Free blackjack gaming can be used by new recruits in attempt to sharpen their skills from which they can now bet with real money and jackpots for implausible wins. This game is so appealing to many since the player only needs to log in make a deposit and within a short spell one is on the go.

Tips and Myths about Blackjack

For one to be among the best of the best when it comes to winning in Blackjack, some of the myths and tips should at the finger tips. There are a few myths that have been exposed. Moreover there are other tips that have been acquired by a player in attempt of making him the best.

It Takes Luck to Win at Blackjack

For long it has been believed that luck is the only way a player can win but this can be opposed greatly since winning in this game requires skills and the with high level in the know-how for a player to win big.

Only Mathematics Can Win at Blackjack

This is another delusion on the blackjack in that many claim that only those with better brains and are good in Mathematics can win here. This is pure fiction for only simple adding and subtraction of figures is required in blackjack to the required 21 points. Though there are specific cards that may include the Wong Halves that may require a simple math. Nevertheless, simple addition and subtraction is required to such methods like the Knock out Blackjack, Hi-Lo Card and the Red Sevens.

You Need a Photographic Memory to Count Cards

Some believe that the process of card counting actually needs photographic memory. This is mare myth since it only takes a player to keep up with the proceedings of the ratio of low to high cards on the hand. The counting of the cards only calls for simple mathematics as opposed to this myth of memorization.

Bad Players at the Table Hurt You

Some gamers believe that the existence of some players in the same table they are playing may influence their outcomes. A player may have a bad day but opts to claim that a certain player is impacting on his outcomes. It is advisable that a player not to think about other players but instead focus on his own game. In conclusion a player is advised to focus on the game and forget all these myths for they would deteriorate ones playing.